Recite Me

1st June 2020

Weekend News and Keeping Well Tips


Big messages today

Some lock down rules in England are changing today.

You can meet with 6 people who don’t live in your house, as long as you stay outside and stay 2 metres apart.

If you got a letter to say you should be shielding, the government think it is safe for you to leave the house from today.

If you were shielding, you can now go out with the people you live with, or you can meet one person from another house. But you can only meet them outside and you have to stay 2 metres apart.

Some primary school pupils are back at school today. Some schools think it still isn’t safe so they have stayed closed.

It is still important to stay at home as much as possible.

Keep washing your hands regularly.

Keeping well tip

– Put on a song you like and have a dance about to it