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If you are blind or partially sighted and would like help to get out and about, then the My Guide service is for you.

With My Guide Partnerships, we carefully choose a trained volunteer or a friend or family member to support you to work towards your mobility goals. You could initially just want to get out of the house but after regaining some fitness and confidence you might decide you would like to join a local rambling group or get to the shops on the bus or enjoy a football match from the stands. From the beginning when you are matched with a volunteer, we work hard to ensure you’re both enjoying the experience. If you have any questions at any time your local staff are there to answer them.
What does this mean in practice?
·    The My Guide service involves a volunteer guiding you as you get out and about in your local area.

·    Once you make contact about My Guide, we will find a suitable volunteer in your local area. This may take some time or there may be someone immediately available.

·    You meet the volunteer in the presence of a staff member and we see if both you and the volunteer feel comfortable working together.

·    Your partnership is regularly reviewed and either of you can pull out with no obligation at any time. Your local staff member is there for support or to answer questions when needed. 
Please contact us with any questions about the My Guide service or enquire about getting involved.
Phone 0845 372 7423 or email