Recite Me

Big messages today:

The Government have warned that Cornavirus will badly affect how much money the country has.

They are saying there might be a lot less money and jobs.

There will be a nightingale hospital in the North East of England to help more people if we need it.

Boris Johnson is out of hospital but is still not back at work

People were good at following the rules over Easter and stayed home.

We are seeing less crime overall but more people are reporting domestic violence and fraud.

We still have to stay at home to stop the virus spreading.

Only go out for shopping, for exercise once a day or for health reasons.

Keeping well tips:

  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Think about all the things you like to do and try and do at least one of them every day - this might be drawing, watch your favourite film, listen to music, sing, dance or anytging ekse you enjoy.