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Tuesday, 3 November 2020 to Tuesday, 20 April 2021



The Shielding Fitness Project is a series of FREE 24-week remote personal training programmes for members of the disabled community and those with mobility issues in the North East of England.

The project is focussed at those who have been currently shielding due to the threat of the coronavirus to get active and keep active throughout the winter period in the safety of their own home. 

The aim is to tackle the negative effects to health, fitness and wellbeing brought on by the lack of activity and isolation.

The training sessions will be tailored to the individual, each session will be at the pace of their own preference and will using a mixture of free weights, bodyweight movements and resistance bands.

The session lengths are 30 minutes per workout and 1 workout per week. The training sessions are held over zoom video call by specialist trainer Jonathan Baker of Motion North East.

We have 24 participant spaces available and a start date for November 3rd.

The training programmes will cater for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues due to medical conditions.


Sessions will be held on the following days/times:

  • Tuesdays = 10.00-16.00
  • Wednesdays = 10.00-12.00
  • Thursdays = 10.00-16.00

Participant requirements:

  • You must be 16 and over
  • You must reside in the North East of England
  • Adequate space to exercise in your home is essential.
  • Equipment is required in the form of handled resistance bands to be used with a doorframe, and light free weights.
  • Access to internet connection and zoom video is essential (Desktop/Laptop version best option for connection)

Please note: clearance from a medical professional may be requested for participation in exercise.

For more information and to apply for a space please contact:

Jonathan Baker
Mobile: 07712289225 or