Recite Me
Tuesday, 5 May 2020
11:00 am 12:15pm 14:00pm 16:30pm

In line with the  government guidelines on social distancing, group and face to face events have been canceled to minimize the risk to people's health.​

Moon Song tells the story of Megan who falls asleep dreaming of the moon where she sees comets, shooting stars and silvery creatures. Audience members are welcomed into the performance with relaxing music, and are invited to join Megan on a space-themed adventure.

This enchanting, intimate production is designed to put audience members at ease throughout, giving them space and time to move around freely and experience the show in their own way.

Using Bamboozle’s calm approach, incorporating invitation and interaction, this sensory show caters for groups of six children on the autistic spectrum along with their families and carers or school staff.