Recite Me
One to one friendship mentor

Volunteering for FANE has not only been an enjoyable experience, but also an eye-opening one. Having the opportunity to work with vulnerable adults has shown me that a lot of things that I take for granted come with greater difficulty for others. Something like a night out with friends is so simple to organise in my eyes, but can be a monumental task for individuals with learning difficulties. This is why I take great pride in volunteering at FANE as I believe that everyone deserves to make friends, go out to share experiences, and create lasting memories with others. I’ve loved making a difference by helping people overcome these social challenges.
Furthermore, being able to work with vulnerable adults is a skill that I am required to have for my career path. Through this volunteering experience, I am able to work on this ability by working with individuals with disabilities to ensure that I am effective at this job. However, a great aspect of volunteering at FANE is that I’m also making a difference by helping people socialise and make friends whilst learning this ability.