Recite Me

First Term Prospectus January 2016

North Tyneside Recovery College is being developed as a partnership between
local organisations that are working together to develop courses and classes in
our the local area, which will help people to improve their mental wellbeing.
This is our first term in North Tyneside and we are still building as a college,
creating new links and courses to help within your recovery. This college is here
to help and support you with hope for the future as well as helping you to
establish links within the wider community.
Everyone at one point in their life needs to feel supported and understood. We as
a college are here to do just that. Helping you to take control of your own
recovery and widen your knowledge of what North Tyneside has to offer.

We acknowledge and understand that some people have struggled with their

mental health and own recovery. The college, as a collective has been set up using
the skills and knowledge of those with lived experience of mental health
difficulties and is trying to help break down stigma and create a safe space for
everyone to be themselves. These courses are here for you.
Please contact us on 0191 219 7740 and someone will get back to you on a Tuesday.

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