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The arrival of new 4G mobile phone services in areas of Newcastle may cause problems with Freeview TV services. Voluntary Organisations Development Agency (VODA) is working with at800, the organisation created to make sure UK viewers can still watch Freeview when 4G services are launched. This information explains the problem and how it can be resolved, as well as how you can help.

The issue

The new 4G services may cause problems with Freeview such as loss of sound, blocky images or loss of some or all channels. 

The solution                                      

Before 4G is switched on in an area, at800 will write to households that may be affected. Some households will also receive an at800 filter - free of charge.  This connects between the TV aerial and the TV, set-top box or signal booster.  It is smaller than a pack of cards and in most cases will enable viewers to continue watching Freeview as normal.

In many cases, viewers will be able to connect the filters themselves.  However, at800 will provide extra support to those aged 75 or older, registered disabled, registered blind or partially sighted and those who have lived in a care home for six months or more.   This includes a home visit scheme when a professional and CRB-checked engineer or volunteer will install the at800 filter free of charge.

In a few cases, further work may be needed to fully restore Freeview services.  This work will be carried out by at800 and the viewer will not have to pay.

How you can help

Do’s and Don’ts

Do encourage viewers to call at800 on 0333 31 31 800 - if they need help fitting their filter, or would like further advice or support.

Do remind viewers you support to look out for a postcard from at800.

Do help raise awareness of this issue where appropriate.

Don’t advise your members/communities to buy a new TV, aerial or retune their TV - this will not solve the issue.

Don’t suggest your members/communities purchase a filter themselves - there’s no need as it’s likely they will receive one free of charge.

For more information, please visit

If you are a community and voluntary sector organisation and would like further information about the support available in Newcastle contact Sarah Pelham from VODA at