Recite Me
Shona Chambers (with her son Michael) is leading the project

NHS England have commissioned a family engagement project for the families of children with a learning disability and/or autism up to the age of 25. This project is part of the Transforming Care agenda.

Some of the general areas to be addressed will include:

  • Experience of your child and family during the ‘diagnosis’ of learning disability and/ or autism – during and after
  • What helps of would have helped to keep people out of long stay hospital?
  • What are the gaps in services?
  • How strong is your voice in influencing services?
  • Are you aware of the support already available?

The desired outcomes for this project will be to:

  • Influence the services commissioned
  • Increase awareness of the services available
  • Strengthen the voices of people who use these services

Participants will engage with this project by completing a questionnaire.

Click here for a video detailing the project

For further information, please email or telephone 0191 281 8737