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There is the opportunity for a lower cost and contract free WiFi package from a local organisation - Hartlepower.

The innovative community broadband with unlimited data costs just £20 per month.

The pay-as-you-go, month by month billing process allows people with lower incomes to access unlimited data without being tied into a contract.

Any months in which they can't afford their subscription, they can just not pay the monthly £20. Although they won’t get a data allowance during this time, their device will remain registered so that they can top up when they are able to and can continue using the internet straight away.

A similar package with another provider would cost upwards of £25 per month and would tie someone in to a 24 month contract.

This uses a powerful 4G WiFi router that is easy to install (so contact-free!) - just plug in and go! There is an initial cost of £45 for the router, which is being provided at cost price - so Hartlepower makes no profit on this!

A team is on hand in Hartlepool to help with set-up and technical issues.


To access a router, or more information, get in touch at

Or visit the website: