Recite Me

Whilst we all know regular exercise is hugely beneficial to the wellness of the physical body, its huge benefits to our mental health are often overlooked. No matter your age or level of fitness, fitting in that little bit of me-time can allow you to reap the benefits and become a better version of yourself that has a heightened sense of well-being and a ‘get up and go attitude’ – wouldn’t we all love that!?

Unfortunately, it is a popular misconception that exercise is all about using heavy machines at the gym or running miles on the treadmill which to some may seem tedious and challenging.

Although it can be that if you please, it can also be about taking part in classes that have a wide variety of intensity and cater to a wide scale of interests ranging from dance and yoga to boxercise and gardening. If you check out our ‘Opportunities’ page you will find a list of groups that we organise alongside activities in the local area that will be get your blood pumping.

Even if actual activities aren’t your thing, benefits can be achieved even by just going on a brisk walk – anything that causes you to sweat or become a bit out of breath. Here are three reasons (out of many more) that I have chosen that will encourage you to get involved:

  1. Better Sleep

A lot of people can often find sleeping through the night a challenge – creating a hard to break cycle of being exhausted throughout the day and restless on an evening. Participating in exercise can help reverse this cycle, with numerous amounts of scientific studies concluding that when exercise is part of a routine can lead to a healthier, better quality of sleep with less waking up during the night and a reduced ‘fall asleep’ time.


  1. Endorphin Release

When we exercise this encourages the release of endorphins, they aid in helping us to feel energised and happier. Exercise has often been attributed as a natural anti-depressant and although most definitely not the cure, can help promote all kinds of changes in the brain, including neural growth, reduced inflammation, and new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being. It also acts as a mode of distraction, an escape from dangerous negative thoughts by helping drive your focus elsewhere.

  1. Self Esteem Increase

Although this post is primarily focused on the non-physical benefits allied to exercise, it is often a given that physical improvements and mental health ones go hand in hand. Making small goals can contribute to a sense of achievement and if these goals then go onto to alter the body and make us stronger, it can also do wonders for our self-image and body confidence. Win win!

So go on and check it out: