Recite Me

As more of us are spending a lot of time at home, many of our regular social activities are longer be available to us. 

This can cause a lot of anxiety due to both a change in routine and the constant changing environment and restrictions. It will help to try and see this as a different period in your life, and not necessarily a bad one, even if you didn’t choose it. 

Try to remain in touch with other people regularly on media platforms, as these are still good ways of being close to the people who matter to you. This is where FANE comes in! FANE runs many social online events. Make sure to take a look at our website to see what's coming up. 

Some other options include creating a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself. You could try reading more or watching movies, having an exercise routine, trying new relaxation techniques, or finding new knowledge on the internet. Try and rest and view this as a new if unusual experience, that might have its benefits.     

A daily routine does not have to be rigid, as straying from this can increase anxiety and decrease motivation. Before you go to bed, try writing a list of things you want to achieve the next day. These can be as simple as going for a walk around the block or making a cup of tea for those in your household. Having a list you can tick tasks off from can help with lack of motivation and a feeling of stagnancy due to lockdown. 

You could have a topic each week you wish to learn about, and each day try learning 5 new facts about your chosen topic. By the end of the week you'll know a lot more, plus you can even have a fun quiz at the end!

Your wider health needs are just as important as your mental health needs so make sure you are looking after yourself, such as having enough prescription medicines available to you. If you are struggling to get prescriptions due to lockdown there are a couple of options available to you listed below:

There are many options available to you if you are struggling with your mental health, but being open with those you trust can help to decrease a lot of negative emotion.