Recite Me

As shown from countless pre-existing studies, getting creative, whether that be singing or dancing or knitting, has been shown to have a hugely positive impact on an individual's physical health. However, there has also been studies to show that being creative can actually improve a persons' mental health, as well as decreasing loneliness, isolation, and gives us a sense of belonging. 

Businesses are now joining Creativity Maps wherein they provide information on creative groups in their local area. This gives individual's the chance to join new clubs, volunteer at new places, and to meet some new people. This project has found that the people who use the service find that they have really enjoyed getting to know each other and the friendships they have made have become friends for life. These people understand that bringing others together from different backgrounds and cultures is what is needed to form a community and produce a sense of belonging which can ultimately improve a person's mental wellbeing. As well as that, others have found that it has given them a purpose in life again and a reason to go outside of their daily routine. 

So, as many studies have proved, doing something creative can improve your mental health, help you to make new friends, and improve your social skills. Why not get started by joining a creative group near you today?