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Newcastle city Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums venues ‘Safe Places’ to go for vulnerable people  

Three Newcastle city centre cultural venues have been designated as a ‘Safe Places’ for vulnerable people who may find themselves in need of refuge or a friendly welcome when faced with hate crime or simply losing their bus pass.

Staff at Discovery Museum, Great North Museum: Hancock and the Laing Art Gallery have all received specialist training from members of the Better Days charity on how to recognise and treat people who may become distressed when they are out and about.

Better Days charity is a group of people with learning disabilities who encourage other people with learning disabilities to enjoy what the North East area has to offer.

Rob Latham, Equalities Officer at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, said:

“It’s very reassuring for people to know that should they need assistance that they will receive a warm welcome. The venues will display visible stickers on their doors to let people know the venue is a ‘place of safety.”

Glenn Howe, Development Worker at Better Days charity said:

“Although a lot of our members have to deal with hate crime on a daily basis, the designated ‘places of safety’ promote independence so people know there is somewhere where they can see a friendly face and be able to get help in contacting a family member or support worker.”

Billy Richardson, a member of the Better Days charity and one of the people who delivers the training said:

“You can’t always tell by looking at someone that they have a learning disability. It is very good for us to know that there are people who can help us if we need it. We go and talk to people and tell them what to look for and how to look after someone if they need looking after.”

The Better Days charity group members Billy Richardson, Stephen Watson, Louise Turner, Anne Tulip, Margaret Purvis and Dawn Flockton have given presentations to Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums staff using role play and discussions.

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