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Thursday, 25 October 2018 to Wednesday, 31 July 2019

A place for growing

The farm is a safe and friendly place located in the heart of the Ouseburn Valley. We work Monday to Friday with People with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Young people (<18) excluded from school / with behavioural issues, People with learning difficulties, Adults with mental illhealth, People with drug/alcohol addictions, People with physical disabilities.

Why are we here!

We are committed to helping people grow their lives in whichever form this takes. We offer various workshop sessions that adults can access. With experienced staff we can offer support and guidance to students wishing to develop their skills, and enable them to enjoy a more independent life.

Cafe and kitchen sessions

Our catering courses give learners the chance to learn new skills and become more confident, more independent and improve their communication and social skills. There is also the chance to be more adventurous and do some Creative Cookery including designing, creating and decoration of fabulous cakes - British Bake Off eat your heart out!

Learn in a busy café and develop cooking techniques in our training kitchen

These sessions are for people who would like to gain new skills or use existing ones in the setting of our farm café.

Horticulture sessions

Fruits of your labour!

Working under supervision our students get involved with sewing seeds, planting, pruning and growing a range of fruits and veg, giving them a chance to care for their own plants

Adult placements can get involved in a wide range of horticultural activities,

Animals sessions

These sessions are for fit and active individuals who would like to gain experience of working on a farmyard Students can learn how to care for different animals including large farm animals, small furry animals to reptiles. Working in groups you will learn teamwork and social skills in this area, whilst exercising and enjoying the outdoors

Working with farm animals is a busy and challenging area. Working with our resident farmer you will assist in maintaining the animal pens and feeding regimes.

Working with our smaller animals and reptiles you will learn feeding and care at the same time as understanding the natural environment of the animal

Arts and crafts session

Art and craft has the ability to mould a person in innumerable ways, this includes building confidence levels and serving as an opportunity to express yourself without any restrictions. This workshop gives you the opportunity to create something new, make friends and to be creative on the way

  • Design and decorations
  • Sewing and needlework
  • Collage and Tapestry
  • Painting/Drawing

Music, drama and movement

Our Creative arts therapy sessions are designed to use music, drama and movement within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. Each 6 week program uses various forms of workshops to encourage participation, confidence building, fun, musicality, rhythm and movement. Students will also have the opportunity to put their skills into practice by performing a yearly show for friends and family

Carpentry and upcycling sessions at our Wilfred Street workshop

These sessions are for people who would like to gain new skills or use existing ones and is based at our Carpentry Workshop on Wilfred Street, Byker. Trainees will work alongside professionals in a busy woodwork shop that supplies products for public to buy. Activities include: health and safety training, training in the correct use of personal protection equipment, learning new skills around restoring furniture, including how to strip back, take apart, renovate, rebuild and restore damaged furniture.

Sessions take place every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00pm until 3:00pm. Placements can also work for a full day or a half day,

Photography sessions

Working with professional photographers student can find inspiration for photography in and around the farm. Learning all aspects of photography enables students to be creative, which in turn boosts confidence and self esteem. Students will learn how to use a camera and develop their knowledge of photography.

For more info Email, call 0191 232 3698 or visit


  • Full Day session with us supporting = £36
  • Full day session bringing own support = £25
  • Half day session with us supporting = £18
  • Half day session bringing own support =£12.50
  • Courses run in 6 week blocks with fees payable upfront
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