Recite Me

I used to struggle with travelling on my own to places, meeting people at specific times and remembering to call people to let them know that I turned up some where and that I'm safe.

FANE helped me meet some new friends, helped to build up my confidence in travelling independently on my own to places that would normally be out of my comfort zone, meeting friends at a set time and making sure that I call up my mum to let her know that I arrived at the destination safely on my own.

This has boosted my confidence and has made it easier to meet friends and have fun.

Me and my friends Shaun, Gary & Peter have our own little group, but we sometimes have fun with others too. I now go to Geek Retreat with my friends Andrew, James & Toby (Support Staff).

I have joined FANE's Creative Corner (Art Class & Photography Club) and I have enjoyed making awesome artwork, animations & photographs.